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auut: pronounced 🔊 “OUT”

Design on the move

A small studio with big heart. We make resources for educators who love what they do.

To heck with boilerplates:

Let’s get your passion in front of the world

auut studio designs digital projects with scholars and researchers — using interactivity, visualizations, and maps. We will meet your audience on the devices they are already immersed in, but not sacrifice an ounce of intellectual substance.

Love like you’ve never lost,

Design like you’re writing the future

Good design is a tool in the pursuit of educating: we are not satisfied with yesterday’s mold. We are constantly thinking about new ways of interacting with ideas. We are opposed to the ways that white supremacy pervades the old way of doing things. We’re excited to lift the perspectives of people of color in all of our work.

Digital humanities Digital humanities

We can produce a single interactive page, to a book launch site, to a scholarly website, to a full-fledged DH project.

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Cartography Cartography

One of our core strengths is designing full-screen interactive maps. They can be static display maps, too.

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UX design UX design

We don’t design for pixels. We design for what a user wants to achieve — and what they want to learn.

Museum interactives Museum interactives

We bundle our design time + open source software as a new solution that drastically reduces the price for installing touchscreens

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Quickstart to Mapbox Quickstart to Mapbox

Want to get started with Mapbox, but not bang your head against Javascript? We’ve bundled the entire setup, to get you mapping in the first hour.

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Companion sites Companion sites

We’ll help you imagine a digital companion to your book, or design new materials to reinforce a curriculum.

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Audio & video editing Audio & video editing

We’ll edit or remix existing video assets to tell stories that your readers will stop to hear.

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Copy writing Copy writing

Our writing is conversational and approachable. We shine in digesting lots of information and nuance down to the essence of what is relevant, and important, and interesting.

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Scholar/Personal sites Scholar/Personal sites

We can set up a new great presence on the web for the work that you do

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Data visualization Data visualization

On a webpage, your charts and diagrams should be able to be interrogated. We'll transform your research results into something interactive.

Census data Census data

We processed reams of open data from every US Census tract, so you don’t have to.

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Help is on the way:

Want to learn to map with the best tools?

words: "map pak"

We think Mapbox, an open-source library, might be the best solution out there. But we don’t know anyone who loves speaking in JSON. So that’s why auut studio has launched mapPAK: we will setup your Mapbox account, give you a starter template, and plug in a quick 500 lines of code to read data out of your own Google Spreadsheet.


photo of Dr. Posadas

“The amazing, multi-modal talents of auut studio turned it into a high-quality publication and website! auut studio is finely attentive to a client’s vision, thoughtful across a range of intellectual and design issues, and brilliant in execution.”
—Dr. Jeremy Posadas
Professor & creator of #URAmerica

photo of Dr. Tanglen

“auut studio understands and empowers academics who want to develop interactive digital projects and scholarly websites. I was impressed by the creativity and attention to detail that went into designing a stunning site that showcases my teaching and research.”
—Dr. Randi Tanglen
Director, Johnson Center for Faculty Development and Excellence in Teaching

photo of Dr. Berglund Sokolov

“The technical abilities of auut studio are amazing — but almost more importantly: RJ has the instincts of a historian, and this makes him a unique collaborator. It was an absolute pleasure to co-write some of the exhibit with him, and we published a digital exhibit in a fraction of the time our typical physical ones can take. I can’t wait to work with his studio again.”
—Dr. Barbara Berglund Sokolov
Historian at the Presidio Trust

photo of Dr. Faulkenbury

“I had a vague idea of what I wanted in a digital map as part of my book project, but auut studio turned it into a reality. The studio took my data and creatively wove it into a dynamic & functional map that really pops.”
—Dr. Evan Faulkenbury
Author of Poll Power: The VEP and the Movement for the Ballot in the American South