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Geographic data products

We have long advised clients and conducted geospatial analysis with a Geographic Information System (GIS). In 2016, we converted our workflow to open source tools (generally QGIS), which allows us to share these programs with clients without expensive license fees.

Then beginning in 2018, the studio pre-processed nearly 100 data measures from the US Census Planning Database 2018, the American Community Survey Five Year Estimates (2012-2016), the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of HUD, as well as several respected NGOs.

Recognizing the valuable insights that these data can provide to local NGOs and practitioners, we make available both standard and customized reports for such researchers. These reports represent the work of loading and data-crunching of over 500GB of electronic files, gathered across 23 different source agencies or organizations.


At this time, we provide pre-processed and professionally-presented open data from these sources:

Source agency Year Granularity
Totals$ 49,000.00
Table Data2000$ 10,000.00
Table Data2000$ 10,000.00
Table Data2000$ 10,000.00


Your purchase covers the professional assembly by auut studio to suit your needs. But unlike other data providers, no recurring subscription is required. Because these data sources are open-access, there are no restrictions to republish/reproduce these measures in your own external work.

Individual reports are generated for one (1) state county that you request.

  • These are priced by thematic package (A1 to D4) and desired specificity (Census tracts or block groups).
  • Data for the most current year may incur additional fees as noted.

Menu of Available Data:

A. Composite Health Factors

(3 packages)

You can add more styling to the table by using a combination of classes to improve the visual appearance of your table.

Ref. Indicator Base release Latest Granularity

Life expectancy at birth


Mortality risk for children age 0-5


Obesity prevalence: Pct of adults that report a BMI of 30 or more


All tracts

  • 1 state county

All block groups

  • 1 state county
add $10000

Latest year data

  • using ACS 2013-17