RJ Ramey

Creative Director

RJ founded the studio in the launch of the digital project MonroeWorkToday.org, to design many more compelling materials for high school history teachers and museum audiences. The studio is dedicated to taking an intersectional approach and centering the work on people of color. RJ's vision is to find new creative methods for interacting with the significant political movements and historical figures of the past.

To this work he brings his direct experience in cartography and data visualization, as well as experience learned in Silicon Valley for championing the final audience/reader over the expert in the room. He's driven constantly by stories that are left out of the standard canon but contain the foundational lessons for an informed citizenry of the 21st century.

RJ’s past presentations:

  • The Perils of Ignoring History in International Law

    UC-Santa Cruz, Invited speaker to the Legal Studies Dept. - 2019

  • Complicating the Narrative: Stories from the Front [panel moderator]

    NCPH 2019, Hartford, CT

  • The Archive doesn’t want to live in boxes anymore [plenary]

    AERI 2018, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

  • Choices in architectures for map-based digital humanities

    Digital Mapping Workshop, Carleton College and St. Olaf College - 2017

  • Archiving and Digitization

    Resurrecting Their Stories: A Community-based Oral History Project - 2017

  • Research and Reflection on Historical Violence

    NACRJ 6th National Conference - 2017

  • History Check: #BlackLivesMatter circa 1916

    CODE+ACTIVISM Summit, Eyeo Festival - 2016