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Black History directory

The challenge

Could we apply some information architecture to a long, unordered list — and simultaneously make it fun and compelling to explore?


To celebrate Black History Month in 2018, auut studio created this visual directory with over 60 history stories and exhibits you can read on the web, across all different topics and time periods. Black history, after all, spans the whole globe and has no single theme. Each of these subjects fascinated us here at the studio, and we thought they represent a great sampling of some of the best public history we had seen.

We were also inspired by a much larger list of digital projects that has been crowdsourced on the internet through the leadership of the Colored Conventions Project (on twitter @CCP_org).

Teachers and parents dedicate the month of February to reminding their students about the important place that Black women and men have always held in the history of the Americas. We assembled this tool so that everyone might be tempted to discover something they didn’t know about before. Most of these projects receive far fewer visitors than their scholarship deserves. Our studio added a feature on the site for filtering by topic or timeframe, as well as a Search tool. It’s our hope that being so highlighted takes each project a step toward better discoverability of the amazing stories they tell.


  • web development
  • image editing
  • research the full citations to all images

screenshot of the Black History Month Directory

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