a portrait of Célestine Galli-Marié as the character Carmen in 1883

When Dr. Clair Rowden approached auut studio to assist with the Phase 2 enhancements to, we could not have been more excited. This project needed to use the best mapping tools available to explore both geographical and temporal relationships simultaneously. The problem is: a WordPress architecture has no good options for that. Challenge accepted!

We had the privilege both to code an entirely re-imagined interactive map, and also improve the UX of the whole site — with an eye towards having the design help celebrate the transnational phenomena of Bizet's 1875 opera, Carmen.


Our studio used the site redesign as a chance to overhaul the entire data architecture: migrating from Excel to an online spreadsheet, creating a repeatable workflow, automating the propagation of updates to the front-end on WordPress.

  • web development
  • conversion of data into both javascript and WordPress/MySQL
  • new features for the interactive map
  • integration of a dynamic timeline
  • vast improvement of Search capabilities
  • beautiful, distinctive landing pages