Mapping the VEP

screen image of a map of South Carolina

auut studio collaborated with Dr. Evan Faulkenbury at SUNY-Cortland to visualize years of archival research: every grant the Voter Education Project made in the 1960s. The “Mapping the VEP” project makes his research accessible at the fingertips of any reader — and hopefully now in more US classrooms.

In layman’s terms? The VEP is what shifted the primary focus of the Southern Freedom Movement from ending segregation to gaining the right to vote. These were hundreds of grassroots registration drives that ran across the South. With our studio’s help, Dr. Faulkenbury charted a map of the war against Jim Crow. Once it had the funding it needed, that war was won in less than 6 years.

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Project details

Our studio took the project full-cycle, from doctoral appendices to final website: including the conversion of data into machine-readable formats, design of an original "60's themed" basemap, the presentation of charts and graphs, and web development.