A photograph of Mr. Work superimposed upon a map of the United States

Our first project rediscovers the meticulous record-keeping of Monroe Work and his wife Florence. It is the most thorough map of the reign of lynching in the USA from 1848–1964.

Monroe & Florence Work Today specifically focuses on people of color murdered by lynching under a pretext of white supremacy. One of our studio’s primary goals was to create a comprehensive resource that is accessible to everyone. The website contains a narrative overview, an interactive timeline, and a map linked to a bibliography of over 74 scholarly sources. Unlike most academic studies, the project does not compartmentalize by region (such as the South or Far West). Rather, it is the first exhibit on the internet to connect scholarship about African Americans, Native Peoples, Mexicans, Sicilians, and Chinese immigrants together across the entire United States.

We designed Monroe & Florence Work Today to be clear & short enough to add as a homework assignment in any lesson plan for the Jim Crow era. The project makes real the relevance of local history to larger patterns of American racism.


This project was self-funded, directed, and produced by the studio.

  • historical research
  • data de-duplication
  • digital editing
  • cartography
  • data visualization
  • copywriting
  • website design
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