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The Black Press (Phase I)

The challenge

We are currently working with Dr. Zita Nunes to vastly improve online access to historical newspapers from outside the English-speaking world

Thanks to the efforts of archivists the world over, it is relatively easy to obtain digital collections of old manuscripts and papers. But most often these are enormous repositories of images, leaving the researcher with hundreds of folders to parse.

Dr. Nunes envisioned a different interface: what if any researcher (or the interested public) could page through the newspaper, as if it were in their hands? To explore more as the original reader did? And what if the foreign text simply morphed into your native language when you brushed your hand over it?  She has entrusted auut studio to help her build that magic.

b&w image of an old newspaper front page, written in Portuguese

Coming in 2021


  • IT setup
  • data architecture & schema
  • UX concepting and design
  • UI design
  • digital image correction
  • textual OCR
  • web development