brightly colored map of various regions of the USA

THE UNITED REGIONS OF AMERICA is a new conceptualization of meaningful subdivisions of the United States by scholar Dr. Jeremy Posadas. He wanted a better way to express the diverse lands that make up the United States.

Unlike a traditional classroom map, his project uses counties rather than states as the building blocks for regions. The United Regions of America map solves the problem that what we normally treat as “homogenous” states of the Union actually span more than one meaningful region.

With few exceptions, the regions delineated on the map also correspond to what "home" is perceived to be by most of their inhabitants. Yet they are simultaneously rooted in the physical environment as they align to the “ecoregions” delineated by the EPA.

Our studio transferred Dr. Posadas' vision onto a bold, colorful, exploratory map. The thickness of every border and every chosen color was consciously considered to make the #URAmericaMap extremely easy to read. We also devised a solution to honor the boundaries of sovereign indigenous lands without distracting from the map's overall purpose. And while keeping to a small budget, the studio was able to make the website interactive (with future plans to expand it in Phase II).


Our studio followed the strong design vision of Prof. Posadas, and provided competing mockups to further refine & test his design.

  • cartographic details
  • typography
  • web development