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Small business / Scholar websites

The challenge

When we aren’t pushing boundaries on humanities and research projects, we also help our clients set up their first website

Our studio doesn’t believe every website needs to be an exotic snowflake. But we DO believe that every site should communicate the brand and values of the person behind it. We also want our clients to leave the engagement feeling comfortable to make edits on their own, in the future. No one should be tethered to their designer to move a comma, or add next semester’s class list.

Design strategy

For these reasons, we almost always match our clients to a content management system (CMS) that meets their needs

Oftentimes for scholars, we find them a home on WordPress, since WP dominates the open-source, educational market — and  is straightforward to learn how to use. For marketing-based businesses, we have helped them develop a strong design presence using the packaged tools on MailChimp.

Either way, we strategize with our clients to find to a design template that captures their spirit. For example, a brand attribute might be Structured and professional:

screenshot from the website,

Or Airy and welcoming:

screenshot from the website,

Or a site that conveys Urgency:

screenshot from the website,

Or one that exudes Experience and dependability:

screenshot from the website,

screenshot from the website,


We install and customize the CMS, handle the styling & code, and work magic on the graphical assets, til the site is customized just perfectly


“auut studio understands and empowers academics who want to develop interactive digital projects and scholarly websites. I was impressed by the creativity and attention to detail that went into designing a stunning site that showcases my teaching and research.”
— Randi Tanglen, PhD